Services & Pricing

Patient Collections

We manage patient collections 

from less than $40k to over $200k 

Patient Management

Statements sent out on a consistent basis, always free of charge

Insurance Collections

We manage insurance collections 

from less than $40k to over $200k 

Insurance Payments

All payments posted within 24 hours of scanning the EOB in office

HIPAA Compliant

Rest assured that our services provided will alway be safe and secure 

Insurance Claims

Denied claims investigated and secondary claims are sent right after primary claims are posted

Balance Collection

Calls made and personalized letters mailed for outstanding patient balances

A La Carte Services

Insurance Contract Negotiation, Credentialing, Verification & Claim Submission, Phone Verbiage Training, In-Office Staff Training and Policies and Procedures Mandated


$100/Hr for In-Office Consultation

$65/Hr for Remote Work

Patient AR Management

Insurance AR Management

Collections 40k or less $500 per month

Collections 40k - 100k $1000 per month

Collections 100k - 150k $1500 per month

Collections 150k - 200k $2000 per month

Collections 200k+ custom pricing per month

Collections 40k or less $1000 per month

Collections 40k+ 3.5% of insurance collections

*Custom pricing of à la carte services based on office, All prices subject to change after initial AR assessment*

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